Dr. Edna Chism-Nicholas
Founder/ Therapist/ Speaker/ Trainer

Dr. Edna is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Supervisor, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, Certified Professional Coach, and a community award winning professional.

Dr. Edna believes that her most important title is that of family member, which is how everyone is treated when working with ACCC staff.

Therapist.  Speaker.  Writer.  Trainer


Authentic Counseling and Coaching is a service oriented center that caters to needs of social services, faith based and business communities.


Empowering individuals and entities to assist persons in meeting their full potentials and desires for health, wellness, and success.


Empower and facilitate unique change among entities to increase the likelihood of success in the workplace.


Restoration of hope and healing everyday relationships among everyday people.

Topics Discussed:

  • Trauma Informed Trainings

  • Leadership Trainings

  • Cultural Competency Trainings

  • Mental Wellness
  • Health Education

  • Professional and personal development
  • Women Empowerment
  • Pandemic Survival training
  • Relationship Trainings

  • Working with Challenging Staff

  • Working with Challenging Clients

  • Workplace Violence

  • School Violence

  • Family Workshop
  • Self Care
  • Burnout/compassion Fatigue

Special Requests:
ACCC may develop any other speaking presentation or training requested if giving at least 1 week advance notice.
ACCC is also flexible in working with entities on business, social, and psychological issues that organizations may need support with.


Dr. Edna is amazinggggggggggg! I had myself ready for the same boring professional developments we attend each year but Dr. Edna did not disappoint she kept us engaged and informed the entire training.

Dr. Chism Nicholas was able to break a complex topic like trauma down to very sizable practical tools we can use throughout the entire school year. This was one of the best presentations I ever attended!

Great job Edna! We can’t wait until you come back next year!

Our company truly valued the knowledge that Edna brought to our team, within one month we saw an increase in our productivity and revenue after implementing several of the techniques Dr. Edna recommended in her training

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